Review of Connie Bonn Jewelry Statements:

Connie has always been very enthusiastic in my bead classes. The first year she only had time for one lesson, but when she came back in the fall, she had made that bracelet around the world. She will take a pattern and add her own style and creativity to it.
Claudette M.
Teacher of Bead Weaving
I have seen most of Connie Bonn-Jennie's jewelry and have purchased some lovely earrings from her. The quality is excellent and well worth the price she charges. I look forward in seeing her jewelry again so I can add to my collection.
Joyce H.
Connie makes beautiful jewelry, especially the combinations of necklaces and earrings. There is a good variety of colors and styles for any outfit.
Sally Q.
Connie has a wonderful color sense. I like her combinations.
Susan L.
Connie’s jewelry is unique and gorgeous!
Phyllis O.
Connie has lovely jewelry and does repair work.
Jane E.
Connie’s jewelry is beautiful. She has a way of using beads and crystals that bring out the best qualities of each piece.
Helen H.
Dazzles with the sparkles. Very colorful.
Kathy W.
Over forty-one years of marriage, my husband has given me many lovely pieces of jewelry. I have been thrilled with the way Connie’s hearts have mixed into my collection. I have found that my favorite crystal necklace is the one I am admiring or wearing at the moment.
Jocelyn C.
Thank you so much for the beautiful jewelry. I love that you found the ladybug beads and you made the bracelet and earrings for me! I will treasure them always. You are a wonderfully talented friend. Blessings!
Gail V.
You do beautiful work and it is a pleasure to be giving these beautiful pieces of sparkly art to my sisters and sisters-in-law.
Carma G.
I would be happy to write a testimonial letter of recommendation. I have relished wearing Connie’s beaded jewelry. Many people have commented on the beaded bracelets I wear. Connie does beautiful work.
Mary C.
I have known Connie for many years and I can tell you that whatever she does, she does exceptionally well. Her jewelry is perfection. I gave my daughter a pair of Connie’s earrings and she wears them to school where she teaches. She gets many compliments on them from her students. You would not be disappointed in a purchase of Connie’s jewelry.
Judy C.
I ordered a custom necklace from Connie. I had a specific color choice and pattern. Connie filled the order within a week and surpassed my expectation for the necklace. Connie has an excellent eye for detail and keen understanding of beadwork. I would recommend her to you if you desire a high quality product at a reasonable price. You will be sure to have a unique piece of jewelry that will be admired by all.
Melissa W.
If you are looking for exquisite, hand-made, original design, guaranteed jewelry, look no further than jewelry made by Connie personally and I have purchased several of her pieces. They are very beautiful and well made. You will not be disappointed in your purchase from her website.
Loretta S.
We are thrilled with Connie and her jewelry creations! Her work is top-notch. She’s flexible, creative and caring. Every time I purchase – it’s a fun adventure – I find fabulous quality and personal service! We were especially thrilled when Connie created a one-of-a-kind necklace for my daughter’s wedding that was exactly what my daughter was looking for! We couldn’t have been happier. It is a joy to work with Connie.
Linda O.
I love Connie Bonn Jewelry! Not only are these unique pieces of jewelry elegant, they are beautiful! What I really have enjoyed the most is how durable and long lasting this fine art work really is. I would recommend any jewelry lover to purchase Connie Bonn Jewelry, because it is amazingly stunning and attractive for any event. Weddings, parties, dances or wonderful clip-on earrings that are so hard to find anymore. You name it, Connie’s got it! There are so many wonderful selections to choose from for any occasion! I give the jewelry a five star rating! What are you waiting for – get your order now for your loved one or for that special holiday or event. You’ll be glad you did! Connie Bonn Jewelry is only made from the highest quality materials you can count on to last for ages. How can you beat that! Don’t miss out on a piece of jewelry that only you may own now in your very own choices of design and color. Hurry! You will not want to miss out, trust me! I love my Connie Bonn Jewelry and so does my sister! So make someone’s day today, as my sister is smiling from all the unique gifts I have been lucky enough to share with her. Happy jewelry shopping!
Sandy Marie R.
I received the bracelet. Along with it is a beautiful crystal heart, which you should not have sent me. You were nice enough to repair the bracelet at no charge. The heart is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so very much!
Toni P.

I was so fortunate to meet Connie Bonn while wintering down south. The park we stayed at happened to have some people that gave beading classes. Meeting Connie was pure joy! Not only is she one of the most gracious and caring individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing, but she is also extremely talented.

I was a late comer to the beading classes so I never picked up the art of this craft very well. It is truly ‘art’ work. Connie makes it seem so simple and she absolutely loves making those hearts that are so spectacular! Actually the word “wow” is what nearly everyone says when I wear the one she so graciously made for me as a gift. I have since had her make matching earrings that complement the heart necklace.

I keep her business card in my wallet, as so many folks want to know where they can order a set.

Integrity, ethical business savvy, and a spirit of real joy working at a craft that she loves, shines through in every piece of work I have seen her produce.
Karen T.

I have several pieces of jewelry made by Connie Bonn and each time I wear them I receive many compliments. Connie has also executed some pieces that I have designed, and her workmanship is very precise, the quality of the stones she uses in pieces is excellent.

I have enjoyed wearing several of Connie’s jewelry sets and individual pieces over many years. The vibrant colors and quality of craftsmanship are uniquely eye catching to both men and women. I have never had a problem with the clasps or beads in any way and these accessories keep turning heads year after year.

Connie’s jewelry makes wonderful gifts for any age. My daughters have enjoyed giving the smaller hearts as birthday gifts to their girlfriends and are now looking forward to wearing clip earrings for special occasions. I enjoy having a few items on hand for that short notice gift or hard-to-buy-for-friend. Most ladies enjoy the feeling of being feminine and girly, which is only enhanced by a beautiful necklace or earrings to complement their eyes or clothing choice.

If you are feeling a bit more bold, try picking out your own color combinations for a truly custom necklace. I had so much fun taking a few favorite blouses from my wardrobe and putting several different beads next to them to see which ones really made the colors pop. The beads made the outfit come alive and I felt like I had a new addition to my closet. Simple, fun, elegant….it is all possible and affordable.
Karina B.

I just received your package today, and what a beautiful bracelet it is. It just matched the blouse I have on today. We’re going out to dinner tonight and the bracelet and earrings arrived just in time.
Gorgeous beadwork, and amazing variety. Beautiful!
Susan W.
Christine H.
Beautiful work! I found her to be very professional and willing to customize any piece.
Marjorie H.
I am so impressed at the weaving of the beads – So unique. Connie has such a professional eye for balance and color.
Kris A.
Before meeting Connie I was so impressed by elegant displays at a local venue. Colorful, unique and just gorgeous designs! Connie’s beadwork is exquisite!
Sandy D.

Connie Bonn-Jennie is very professional. She always treats you with respect & patience. Since she has artistic background knowledge she knows what colors you are looking for in her beautiful array of bead selections with sizes & colors. She is very helpful in showing you different designs she can come up with. The finished items are absolutely beautiful, they make you feel very special to wear them. They help you stand out from the rest. Her jewelry helps you actually stand out & shine bright where ever you go. You make us look so good.

I have ordered earrings, necklaces & bracelets from her. She has a great selection of whatever you are looking for. And, these items have quality. They are precious and so beautiful. Items are reasonably priced for all the hard work she puts in them. Her jewelry is made so well with premium supplies that last. She puts such care and talent in each and every one of these handmade beaded items. This is truly a great art. And she has it!

One of these beautiful items I ordered is a bracelet, which has blues & turquoise bead work with a silver clasp. It reminds me of the vibrant colors in a peacocks gorgeous tail." I love it. I have received many compliments when I wear it. And I'm proud to say Connie hand beaded this for me, with a smile on my face.

Thank you Connie, for sharing your great talent with me & many other happy people. We appreciate your hard work. Good luck with your future creations. I’m looking forward to seeing your website online. That will make it more convenient for home shopping around birthdays & holidays or just anytime you want to feel special.
Judy S.