Necklace, Victorian Lace made of Seed Beads and Swarovski 6 mm Crystals.

Please select a matching or complimentary color from the 6 mm Swarovski Crystal Color Chart and enter into the Text Box.
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Please select a color(s) in Seed Beads Color Chart and 1 color from the Swarovski Crystal Color Chart. If two colors wanted, Seed Beads are needed, otherwise just one color.

Necklace, Victorian Lace made of 6 mm Swarovski Crystals and Seed Beads.  Have it all one color or choose two Swarovski Colors.  This necklace is amazing as it looks just like lace, is very light weight - perfect for the Bride or those in her wedding party and many colors to choose from!  It can even be worn casually, especially with so many colors available.

It's oh, so flexible and comfortable!

Look for a match with the Heirloom Bracelet and Earrings.

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